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Questions about metal spinning machines

1. What is a spinning machine?

A spinning machine is a mechanical device used to process metal. It processes metal sheets or tubes into the desired shape by rotating and punching. Commonly used in the manufacture of containers, cylinders, boiler components, etc.

2. What is the working principle of the spinning machine?

The spinning machine places the metal material on a rotating mold and then applies pressure to deform the metal material in the mold and finally form the desired shape. The process is usually divided into multiple steps, with each step gradually increasing the pressure until the desired shape is achieved.

3. What materials can the spinning machine process?

Spinning machines can typically process a variety of metal materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, and more. The exact types of materials that can be processed depend on the model and size of the spinning machine.

4. How to operate the spinning machine correctly?

Please read the operating instructions carefully before operation to understand the various components of the machine and the safe operating procedures.

Make sure the work area is clean and tidy to prevent debris from interfering with machine operation.

Wear necessary safety equipment, such as safety gloves, goggles, etc.

Make sure the workpiece is secured to the mold to avoid movement or slipping during machining.

According to the different processing materials, select the appropriate mold and processing parameters.

5. Common problems and solutions of spinning machines

A. What should I do if the spinning machine makes noise during operation?

Possible reasons: worn machine parts, poor lubrication, unsuitable materials.

Solution: Check machine parts and replace worn parts; ensure the machine is well lubricated; choose appropriate processing materials.

b. What should I do if the products processed by the spinning machine do not meet the requirements?

Possible reasons: mold damage, incorrect processing parameter settings.

Solution: Check whether the mold is damaged and replace it in time if necessary; carefully check the processing parameters and adjust them according to the material type.

C. What should I do if the spinning machine suddenly stops running?

Possible reasons: power outage, overload protection triggered.

Solution: Check whether the power connection is normal; wait for the machine to cool down before restarting; check whether the maximum load of the machine is exceeded.

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